Identity Verification Protects Against Identity Theft & Fraud

Secure your customers and your organization. Defend against third-party identity theft and identity fraud, social engineering scams, and credential stuffing attacks. States credit with successfully preventing hundreds of billions of dollars of fraud during the pandemic. California reported “stopping over $125 billion in attempted fraud by deploying a new identity verification system,” Fraud rings grew powerful during the pandemic. has proven experience in stopping major attacks and evolving to defeat new attack vectors.

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“We intentionally left the branding in our flow … there is trust in that brand.”

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“Being able to get users up and running so quickly has been huge.”

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“People are really anxious to make sure their data is secure, and this ( IAL2 identity proofing) made people feel really good about that.”

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“To know that you (patients) can get in and get out within 15 to 20 minutes total instead of spending 15 to 20 minutes just getting your forms filled out gives our users a lot of confidence.”

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“Having as our identity proofing layer is essential for protecting PHI.”

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“ was, by far, the best vendor integration that we’ve had. was solving problems and bringing different perspectives to the table.”

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“ has a really nice balance between security, accessibility and usability, and that means they have options if they don’t want to use digital and they can verify their identity in person. They have options if they don’t have credit histories, they have options if they don’t have other documentation. Thanks to the team […]

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“Let me be very clear about something: has increased equity in our system. Let me tell you why. Because folks in legacy systems, the way they were judged on if they were a high risk for fraud, was based on their banking, based on their credit history, based on if they owned a home, […]

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“The process to onboard everyone, especially people who already had an account, proved to be simple and efficient. Once implemented,’s responsiveness and transparency provided us with better visibility into the operations, maintenance, and end-user success.”

First Responder Testimonial

I use my account to log into the Social Security Administration. It was easy to add my verification as a first responder to my existing account in order to access discounts!

First Responder Testimonial

I have been a firefighter for 25 years and I greatly appreciate the discounts for first responders. My experience with Verizon has been wonderful. Thank you!!

First Responder Testimonial

Being a first responder can be a thankless job. I am filled with gratitude for the companies that extend these great deals to us. It makes me feel appreciated.

Military Testimonial

I am so glad that companies are using to reliably identify deserving folks who are eligible for discounts. I’m a veteran and a nurse and, before, it was rare for me to see companies offer discounts. was so easy and I hope to see even more companies use their services.

Nurse & Medical Testimonial

Reliable, trustworthy, and fast! was very efficient in verifying my credentials. I love this service.

Nurse & Medical Testimonial

I received a discount on a laptop with As a nursing student, this goes a long way for me. I have nothing but great things to say about!

Student Testimonial

My verification with was easy and I didn’t have to wait at all to get my discount. I appreciate the effort in getting students the discounts we deserve.

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I saved about $100 on a recent purchase via I only wish I was aware of these savings sooner!

Teacher Testimonial

Thank you for giving educators so many ways to save money. It shows that you respect our profession. For many years I have utilized to help me save money while preparing for the new school year. I love and I refer it to all of my friends! logo has impacted my life in the most positive way. It has been a tough year for me and I have had several hardships, including losing my job due to the COVID pandemic. On top of that, my ID was stolen and as a result my state’s unemployment office could not verify my identity. To […]

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“Our program with led to over 200 million impressions served and a 38% boost to new customer acquisition. In the span of two weeks, we saw over 3,700 new-to-file customers! This program helped us celebrate and recognize those who are out there on the front lines and, at the same time, meet our business […]

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“’s teamwork and partnership was hands-down one of the best I’ve experienced. They helped us cut the time patients spent registering in half, from 10 to 15 minutes to 5 to 7 minutes. For repeat patients, that number drops to 2 to 3 minutes. There is so much strength behind the brand.”

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“We wanted to increase Gen Z subscribers and felt that extending exclusive offers to students could help. I don’t see how we could have verified students in a scalable manner outside of We were able to increase sales with a traditionally underperforming audience. Additionally, over 60% of customers using one of our group discounts […]

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“We invested in because their identification process is the most foolproof. offered a smooth plugin to our Shopify store and allowed us to automate our group discount distribution strategy with ease. In our first year with, we saw an 800% increase in verifications and users. Our paid placements paid off too. We […]

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“ is the best route to consistently offer discounts to high-value customers and I’m very grateful for our partnership. In our first dedicated military email, 90% of purchases were made by new users and we saw a double digit CVR. Because of these results, we have expanded to other groups including nurses, teachers, and more!”

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“At Moosejaw, our focus on outdoor gear perfectly aligns with military interests. We decided to partner with to better serve this market with exclusive offers. Our annual spend was only about $50,000 but helped drive 3 – 4% of our revenue. That’s some really efficient marketing!”

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“ helps us to better serve first responders, students, and the military. We have seen a huge growth in revenue and customer acquisition with The overall AOV of customers verified with is 43% higher than our overall AOV. In one quarter, we saw a 5.4x ROI.”

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“I would recommend to any state agency — and I already have. It has given us the confidence that we are assisting individuals who really need it, and I know every state, and their taxpayers, would benefit from this peace of mind.”

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“We felt confident that could deliver the responsiveness and provider support commensurate with our brand. In compliance with EPCS mandates, was integrated into our platform which requires providers to verify their identity before they can e-prescribe controlled substances. Over 90% of our prescribers self-verified and 16.2% arrived pre-verified as existing users.”

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“About 40% of people that get verified by on our site make a purchase – which is 10x higher than our normal traffic. is a core part of our acquisition strategy and we’re integrating throughout the full funnel of our marketing activities.”

Axios A Deep Dive into Unemployment Fraud

A Deep Dive into Unemployment Fraud

Axios reported on the enormous fraud that plagued state workforce agencies and reduced access for millions of Americans who legitimately needed help. According to their story, “emerged over the course of the pandemic as the leading provider of anti-fraud software for state unemployment offices.” Read more about a historic fraud targeting pandemic stimulus funds, individual Americans, and the critical role played in blunting the attack.

Preventing Billions of Dollars of Identity Theft Fraud

Arizona DES credits with saving Arizona from over $75 billion of fraudulent payouts. Just before Arizona integrated, the week of October 10, 2020, 570,400 new weekly claims were filed. Arizona only has a population of about 7M people, including children. Read the case study to learn how partnered with Arizona to stop fraud.

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Protecting Against Identity Theft

It takes a network to defeat a network. Data breaches and fraud forums have allowed fraud rings to grow exceedingly powerful. provides a range of identity verification options from a policy that replaces antiquated Knowledge Based Verification techniques to NIST 800-63-3 Identity Assurance Level 2. Learn about how’s approach to networked security and identity verification creates a cybersecurity shield around our clients.

Fighting Social Engineering Attacks

In 2021, the FTC received 2.8 million consumer reports of fraud, with imposter scams representing the second most common form of attack. leverages machine learning models capable of detecting more than 99 percent of social engineering attacks along with a layered set of consumer facing alerts to detect, stop, and remediate scams. Protect your customers from being tricked with’s layered security controls that fight deception and manipulation.

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Fighting Social Engineering Attacks
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Thwart Credential Stuffing Attacks

Compromised logins represent the most common cause of data breaches. Considering that 1.7 billion passwords have been breached and 65 percent of consumers report using the same password across websites, it’s not hard to understand why. Protect against Account Takeover (ATO) events through multi-factor authentication, adaptive authentication based on IP risk signals, device fingerprinting, graph analysis, and machine learning techniques that detect and flag malicious events.