Offer Identity Verification Access Pathways Across All Channels

Integrate identity verification options that meet your customers where they are. Approximately 45 million Americans either do not have credit history or have a limited presence in records. offers alternative pathways for historically underserved communities to prove their identity. Tap in to’s network to deploy identity-proofing options for users online, through call centers, and in-person at more than 600 retail locations across the country.

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Make Identity Verification a Team Sport’s omnichannel identity verification capabilities allow the friction of identity verification to spread across a network. Tens of millions of preverified individuals who have already verified their identity using one of these methods at a different customer will be able to release their verified status to you in seconds, with just a few clicks.

Online Identity Verification

Configure authentication policies at varying levels of trust to map your confidence in your customer’s identity to the risk of the transaction. Learn how orchestrates leading component vendors to rapidly deliver polished authentication flows.

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Call Center Identity Verification

Verify historically-underserved communities online.’s Trusted Referee call center enables you to open accounts online for the 26 million “credit invisible” Americans, 19 million “thin-file” Americans, and for people whose information is listed inaccurately in records following a name or address change.

In-Person Identity Verification

Offer your customers the ability to verify their identity at hundreds of retail locations across the United States of America. Level the playing field against the largest organizations that have a significant branch presence by integrating with’s network.

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