Protect Fans and Enhance Your Customer Experience with Digital ID Verification is a digital wallet and identity verification platform. We verify someone is who they say they are in a digital world, and then enable access to services across government, retail, hospitality, banking, entertainment, and more.

123 Million Americans have an account today — over 45% of the US adult population. These users simply sign in and share their verified identity anywhere that we operate, and can securely and efficiently check into hotels, purchase tickets, receive discounts, and more.

In the entertainment world, we are helping partners today in the following ways:

Fan Verification

Ensure your fans are who they say they are with a 1:1 match. Prevent bots and scalping technology by ensuring unique personhood.

Improved Access Control

Integrate with current systems to enable a “fast lane” for your identity verified guests and get them into seats faster.

Age Verification

Enable mobile F&B services in venues and remove manual ID checks. Connect fans with digital age verification for age-specific shows, events, and festivals, eliminating ID check lines at the venue and improving the fan experience.


Know who your customers are — including those with community affiliations such as Military members, Medical professionals, or Teachers — to appropriately target and communicate with them.

Ticket Sharing

Allow fans to securely share tickets so you know who’s coming to every event.

Residency & Locals Verification for Discounted Rates

Verify individuals live within a specific zip code to give them a discounted rate on tickets, season passes, etc.

Social Club Membership Verifications

Use during member sign-up to verify the identity (and age when applicable) of your members before they can access community boards, offerings, and events.

Innovations + Efficiency Within Fan Experience

Reduce staffing expenses by removing time spent doing manual ID checks on-site, also giving fans more time to spend money on food, beverages, merch, etc.

Safety + Trust

Know who’s coming to your events or shows to ensure safety for all.

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