Verify Customer Eligibility for Exclusive Community Discounts

Attract new customers, verify customer eligibility for community offers, and streamline account registration with

More than 100 million users have created a portable Digital Wallet to create accounts or prove their community eligibility more easily. Hundreds of leading consumer brands use to activate demand for their community loyalty programs to acquire new users and build deeper customer relationships through military, first responder, student, teacher, and nurse discount programs.’s Digital Wallet protects community programs across all of your channels so you can drive your top and bottom line.

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Grow Your Retail & eCommerce Revenue by Engaging Communities

Communities represent tight-knit social networks. When brands honor a particular community, they have the opportunity to create deep emotional relationships between members of that community and the brand. Word of mouth can spread news of the program quickly, particularly with’s ability to market to more than 10 million individuals who have opted in to receive more information about community discount programs. Find out why hundreds of brands partner with to acquire new customers and establish deeper member loyalty through communities that align to their brand values.

Stop Account Takeover, Bot Attacks, and Identity Fraud’s Digital Wallet provides cutting-edge multi-factor authentication, identity proofing, and machine learning models to combat social engineering scams. Tens of millions of users have already enrolled into Multi-Factor Authentication, which can increase account registration rates, enhance customer experience, and decrease fraud. Find out why government agencies, healthcare organizations, and hundreds of consumer brands trust to verify more legitimate customers while reducing fraud rates.

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Decrease Chargebacks & False Positive Fraud Events

Empower customers to override false positives from fraud vendors by proving their identity claims with’s Digital Wallet. With more than 30 million Americans already verified to the highest federal standards for identity verification and enrolled into multi-factor authentication,’s Digital Wallet can substantially decrease false positive fraud events to increase sales and offer relief for frustrated customers.

Configurable Identity Verification

From lightweight to secure verification options, can deliver the right identity authentication strength based on your risk and business needs.

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