Adaptive Identity Verification & Authentication Made Easy

Normalize identity proofing and Multi-Factor Authentication capabilities across all of your organization’s login options to deliver a consistent level of trust.’s Identity Gateway creates a unified login interface and enables graceful change management to fix fragmented identity verification and authentication systems.

A woman using her phone to verify proof of identity and multi-factor authentication

Identity as a Service Has Arrived with’s Identity Gateway’s Identity Gateway authentication platform combines an Identity Orchestration Platform, a Digital Wallet, a Credential Broker, an Attribute Exchange, and an Intelligent Policy Engine to strip friction out of your organization’s identity proofing and authentication workflows.

Consumer Single Sign On

Design authentication workflows from your customer’s perspective. Empowering consumers to control their own Multi-Factor Authentication and identity proofing across websites strips friction out of the market because consumers only need to verify identity once.’s Consumer Single Sign On uses open protocols to integrate with Enterprise IAM solutions or directly with an application.

IDme single sign on page
User authenticated button below headshot of verified user

Credential Broker

Seamlessly upgrade your existing login system to better serve your users through state of the art identity proofing, MFA, and credential validation components. Introduce’s branded Identity Provider as an option for tens of millions of preauthenticated customers to onboard in seconds. Comply with regulatory regimes such as NIST SP 800-63-3. Configure identity proofing and MFA to a uniform level of trust across all login options simply by choosing a policy.

Identity Orchestration Platform

Leverage best of breed component vendors for records validation, document authentication, biometric authentication, phone authentication, presentation attack detection, device intelligence, and credential validation. Pick the appropriate authentication policy for your workflow, limit options as needed for regulatory compliance, and deploy to users in days.

Documentation authentication, biometric authentication, device intelligence, and credential validation stickers
Verified age, verified residence, government employee, and verified identity stickers with a wallet icon Digital Wallet

Managing passwords and multiple logins is probably the most annoying part of using the internet for most consumers. Ultimately, that friction hurts businesses too by increasing abandonment and driving expensive calls to the help desk. That’s why is building the identity layer of the internet the way it was meant to function – from the consumer’s perspective. 

Once a user enrolls into MFA, the MFA is portable to all partners. Once a user goes through identity proofing, the friction to establish the same level of trust in the user’s identity is removed for all future partners because the user has the digital equivalent of a driver’s license.

Attribute Exchange

Stop wasting time and money asking users to display credentials in-person with documents. Connect straight to the source of truth to validate IDs in seconds. Leverage an attribute exchange that validates identity within seconds to streamline access decisions.

US Department of Veterans Affairs login with identified ID card
Headshots of verified users around list icon

Intelligent Policy Engine

Choose authentication policies for identity proofing, MFA, and credential validation that already support tens of millions of consumers based on the common needs of hundreds of other organizations. Skip the army of developers and extended procurement cycles by simply selecting the appropriate level of authentication to enable a state of the art experience.