Improve Customer Onboarding and Expedite Identity Verification With Digital Wallet

Streamline customer onboarding and identity verification with’s Digital Wallet. Like digital wallets that increase payment checkout rates,’s Digital Wallet increases customer onboarding conversion rates while complying with Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. Find out why more than 10 federal agencies, 30 states, and 30 healthcare organizations use to provide NIST 800-63-3 certified Multi-Factor Authentication and Identity Proofing to onboard new customers and to keep accounts safe from takeover.

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A Digital Wallet for Customer Onboarding and Identity Verification

Digital wallets are usually synonymous with payment wallets or social logins. Yet, physical wallets contain legal proof of identity that enable us to easily open bank accounts and to complete important financial transactions.’s Digital Wallet delivers the same utility of physical wallets by enabling NIST 800-63-3 Identity Assurance Level 2 and Authenticator Assurance Level 2 credentials to move from the public sector to expedite customer onboarding and identity verification for financial services. Financial services organizations can continue to operate direct registration flows. Integrating’s Digital Wallet simply provides another pathway — a digital fast lane — for customers to sign-up. Find out how can increase conversion rates while reducing fraud for your customer onboarding flows.

Preventing Pandemic-Related Benefits Fraud

Five states credited with helping to prevent $238 billion dollars worth of pandemic-related fraud. Watch the NBC News segment that detailed how reduced fraud in each state.

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Criminals Write’s Best Identity Verification Testimonials

Dark web chatter shows that criminals actively seek to avoid identity verification and flows that require them to submit a selfie. analysts monitor multiple fraud forums tied to domestic and international threat actors. does not publicly share details to avoid compromising intelligence sources. However, does provide briefings to government agencies, healthcare organizations, and financial services organizations to ensure they are able to source these testimonials first-hand. Read the dark web report.

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Risk Adaptive Identity Verification for Financial Services

Risk varies significantly across customer journeys.’s Identity Gateway combines’s Digital Wallet with an identity orchestration platform that delivers identity proofing at varying levels of trust according to your policy.’s Digital Wallet allows your brand to benefit from higher levels of security and higher pass rates.’s 30 million plus Identity Assurance Level 2 pre-verified users convert at rates up to 99 percent and may have authenticated at a higher level of identity proofing than you would require while at a government agency or healthcare organization. For users going through identity proofing for the first time,’s Identity Gateway orchestrates leading component vendors and dynamically routes users through the process to optimize pass rates at a given level of trust. Find out how is defining the Identity-as-a-Service category by making strong identity and compliance easy.

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Inclusive Identity Proofing for FinTechs, Regional Banks, and Credit Unions

Tens of millions of Americans don’t have a presence in credit records or public record databases. For smaller banks and FinTechs that don’t have a significant number of in-person options, excluding those customers can mean substantially fewer customers, lower revenue, and higher acquisition costs. solves customer onboarding and KYC compliance challengings by offering online and call center options that meet NIST 800-63-3 Identity Assurance Level 2 requirements and provide coverage for individuals who don’t have a presence in records. also offers nearly 700 retail locations for in-person verification to offer an inclusive KYC and ID verification network that replicates the capabilities of the nation’s largest banks. More than 30 million Americans have already verified their identity, including over 5 million Americans who weren’t able to prove their identity through a records based approach. With’s Digital Wallet, your brand, along with tens of millions of Americans, benefits from verifications that have already happened across’s identity network via reduced friction.

Verify Customer Eligibility for Financial Products and Registration

From military and first responders to students and teachers, can establish eligibility for special financial products or for customer registration at financial institutions that condition membership upon community affiliation. can also generate demand for financial products by marketing to more than 10M preverified community members who have opted-in to learn more about offers exclusive or relevant to their community.

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