Make Multi-Factor Authentication Easier

Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) capabilities match authentication to risk. Protect your customers from account takeover and your business from fraud and loss. Integrate’s NIST 800-63-3 Authenticator Assurance Level 2 capabilities and jump to the cutting edge of Multi-Factor Authentication features to protect your users.

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193 billion credential stuffing attacks in 2020

Credential stuffing attacks in 2020
breached passwords
of breached passwords still in use
of consumers repeat passwords across sites

Robust Multi-Factor Authentication Capabilities

From SMS One Time Passcodes (OTPs) to native apps to FIDO WebAuthn, enables rapid deployment of a full suite of authenticators certified to NIST SP 800-63 Authenticator Assurance Levels 2. shores up weaker authenticator options like SMS OTP with delivery and device controls that mitigate vulnerabilities tied to SS7 exploits and message forwarding. also supports phishing-resistant MFA authenticators like FIDO Web Authn and tokens.

Instructions for using a security key with IDme
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Fortify SMS OTP to Stop SS7 Attacks

NIST considered deprecating1 SMS OTP due to concerns regarding en masse intercepts and authenticators associated with VOIP numbers. addresses these weaknesses by using short-links to confirm phone number possession for MFA enrollment tied to identity proofing flows, IP fraud and risk checks, device fingerprinting, and machine learning models.

Networked Fraud Detection

It takes a network of good actors to defeat a network of bad actors. Device fingerprinting, fraudulent IP detection, and machine learning enable relationship views between unique devices, IPs, and associated accounts and identities. Benefit from’s state-of-the-art capabilities and ability to detect anomalous login behavior across hundreds of sites.

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MFA to Satisfy Regulatory Requirements