Put Customers in Charge of Data Sharing

Relationships start by establishing trust and sharing information in a mutually beneficial way. Empowering your customers to control their data sharing with your brand increases trust and increases data accuracy by allowing users to confirm their attributes.

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Operationalizing Data Minimization

After registering your application, we will reach out to understand the data elements that are relevant to your transaction. Users will only be asked to share the minimum amount of data necessary to complete the transaction to reduce friction and liability for both parties. Tens of millions of pre-verified users can then choose to rapidly authorize to your app.

IDme Data Minimization
Steps one and two confirm identity and authorize data

Appropriate Authentication to Confirm Permission

Confirming a user is who they are claiming to be is the first step towards establishing the actual identity owner is granting permission for data sharing. Getting identity proofing right is particularly critical to protect privacy at higher levels of risk dealing with the release of sensitive personal information or money to external users. Collaborate with ID.me’s team to define the right authentication policy for your transaction.

Informed Consent for Data Sharing

Fine print is for lawyers, not consumers. Increase conversions and trust by providing users with a summary list of data elements required to access an application. Our team will ensure data requests are minimized so users are only asked to share relevant fields.

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Data Updates & Revocation

Empower consumers to see the data fields they have shared with your application. Benefit from ongoing updates to authorized data elements like address and email.

Regulatory Compliance with Privacy Requirements

Comply with CCPA, NIST 800-63-3 privacy and security requirements, and other legal and regulatory mandates that empower consumers to control their data.

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