Consumer Identity & Access Management to Streamline Authentication for External Users

Define access management policies and easily enforce authentication and authorization settings via’s Identity Gateway. Blend Enterprise IAM capabilities with the leading federated identity network in the United States to increase conversions and lower fraud.

Set and Enforce Access policies

Imagine having the ability to ensure and validate every authentication event, to ensure it happens securely, and is generated by a proven user, whose identity is verified. Tailor access your policies. Manage credentials in the wallet. Access Management is now more robust, private, and secure.

Policy Based Access & Turnkey Integration

Choose the right authentication management policy for login, identity, and credentials, define the data elements needed for onboarding, and let do the heavy lifting.

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Empower your consumers to use a trusted login and verified login credentials they’ve already established to streamline access to your application.

Risk Based Identity Verification

Leverage the full power of preconfigured identity verification flows at various levels of trust to map the right level of security to an access decision. integrates leading component vendors in our identity orchestration platform and assembles them into turnkey identity verification policies designed for rapid integration at different levels of risk.

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Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC)

Assign privileged access management solutions to users based on roles they’ve earned through external credential issuers such as doctors or military service members or students. Validated credentials can qualify members of communities like the military for exclusive offers and discounts at retail and ecommerce brands. Verified identity combined with validated credentials can enable healthcare providers to prescribe controlled substances in accordance with federal and state law as well as DEA regulations. Consumer control over data means that digital credentials can unlock access across a variety of contexts and a spectrum of risk the same way that physical IDs provide value for individuals. Student IDs can qualify individuals for retail discounts while also granting access to a physical dorm with much greater risk implications. Military IDs can unlock retail discounts, open bank accounts, and confer access to military installations.’s Wallet seeks to provide the same value to users to eliminate friction.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Tap into a full suite of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) options and a network of tens of millions of logins already enrolled into MFA. From SMS One Time Passcodes to Native App Authenticators and FIDO Web Authn, delivers a cutting edge MFA experience.

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