Privacy is a Human Right

Privacy starts with consumer control of data. Spurred along in part by grant funding from NIST, we have worked for over a decade to create a new online status quo that is more private and secure. We believe in a world where individuals control their own data and can easily access services and benefits using verified credentials. Our commitment to the privacy of your customers is enduring.

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User Control of Data

Opt-out is the right default setting for data sharing. With, all users start from an opted-out configuration until they make a choice to share their data or to update their settings. works to minimize data requests so users are only asked to share attributes reasonably associated with the transaction. After going through appropriate authentication, users review the data fields the app is requesting in a way that is easy to use and confirm or reject the request. User-permissioned release of data follows best practices by putting people in charge. Build trust in a natural way and create deeper relationships with users.

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IDme Self-Serve Data Governance

Self-Serve Data Governance

Empower consumers to see the data fields they have shared with your application. offers account functionality that lets users see the applications where they provided consent to share data, the data elements they shared, the time when they shared it, and the ability to revoke ongoing access to that application. Businesses benefit from ongoing updates to authorized data elements like address and email for applications where users wish to continue to share information to more easily update their contact information across sites.

Privacy Bill of Rights has built rigorous security and privacy requirements into our technology from inception. We are an ethical steward of your personal information and are committed to supporting your rights:

  • You are solely in control of your own data.
  • You must provide consent before we will share any information.
  • You can see all authorized apps and data elements shared in your My Account portal.
  • You can revoke access to your data for any authorized app at any time.
  • You may destroy your credential and associated data at any time.*

*Some data related to NIST 800-63-3 credentials will be retained after account deletion solely for fraud prevention and government auditing purposes.

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