Easily Verify Multiple Credentials with ID.Me’s Digital Wallet

Integrate with ID.me’s Digital Wallet that empowers 100M+ Americans to rapidly release tens of millions of credentials they’ve already verified across ID.me’s network to complete workflows faster. Streamline authentication and credential validation with one login event.

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Verified Identity Anchors Trust

A driver’s license is the most important ID in a wallet as it establishes trust that the user is who they’re claiming to be and in other ID cards tied to the user. Learn how to secure your applications and ID cards with the appropriate level of trust in the anchor user identity.

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ID.me's Streamline Workflows with Portable IDs

Streamline Workflows with Portable IDs

Increase conversions by empowering consumers to authorize the release of verified credentials. With a similar user experience to  digital wallets for payment checkout solutions, ID.me’s Digital Wallet streamlines transactions tied to identity credentials. From ecommerce community verification to electronic prescriptions, learn more about how ID.me’s Digital Wallet can take friction out of your customer’s lives while improving conversions.

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ID.me Delivers Quantifiable Workflow Based Return On Investment

Delivering digital services through self-service can transform complex and slow credentialing verification workflows into superb, intuitive customer experiences. Instead of requiring military customers to show their military ID in-store, give them an easy-to-use way to prove their service while shopping online. Rather than making hotel guests wait in the front-desk line to show their ID, empower them to check-in, prove their identity on their phone, and quickly get their room key. Stop making doctors gather their medical credentials and educational degrees by hand and instead give them a way to rapidly establish their identity and credentials online.

ID.me sees duplicative and manual workflows as toll booths that result in poor user experiences, costing organizations a significant amount of time and money. Stop wasting your customer’s time and your brand’s money. Create digital fast lanes with ID.me.

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Identity Plus Verified Credentials:

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