Protect Your Hiring Process From Fraud

In the era of remote work, identity verification is more important than ever to make sure you know who you are hiring. Background checks conducted in the United States don’t automatically include identity verification. That means:

  • The identity of the candidate you are hiring may not match the identity you screened.
  • You may be conducting screens with bad data, skewing the reported results.

Employment identity theft fraud is rising — and 66% of employers anticipate adding identity verification to accompany a background check in their hiring process1.

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Employment Identity Theft Fraud Facts

Employment Identity Theft Fraud Facts

  • 1.3M Social Security Numbers from 2016 were associated with signs of fraud, according to a 2020 Government Accountability Office (GAO) report2.
  • 818,000 cases of employment identity fraud were identified by the IRS for 20183.
  • The FBI published a warning about an increase in deepfakes and stolen personal information used to apply for remote work positions in 20224.
  • 15% of HR professionals say their organization has experienced one or more incidents of candidate identity fraud5.
  • The true scope of employment identity fraud is unknown.

Debunking Misconceptions Around What Background Checks Verify

There’s a common misconception that background and employment checks verify identity – as many as 3 out of 4 HR professionals mistakenly believed this to be the case during recent industry webinars6. Discover the benefits of each part of the screening process and learn the answers to all your identity verification questions during this fireside chat. Learn about:

  • The right way and time to verify your candidate’s identity during the hiring process
  • The role of SSN Trace and other services in the background screening industry
  • How to remain compliant when hiring in remote & hybrid workplaces

Sterling & Partner to Enhance Pre-Employment Process

  • 50,000+ businesses and organizations rely on Sterling’s tech-enabled services to conduct 95+ million background searches annually.
  • 100M+ Americans have an Digital Wallet.
  • Verifying identity at the start of the screening process helps employers trust information received from workers and improves screening quality while deterring identity fraud.
  • Adding verified educational and background screening checks to’s Digital Wallet can expedite hiring and onboarding, particularly in healthcare and the gig economy.
Sterling & Partner to Provide an Employment Passport while Fighting Fraud

Secure Applications with Trusted Identity Verification

Verified legal identity enables faster authentication and higher fidelity background screening checks. offers a range of identity verification options so employers can select the appropriate identity verification policy based on risk.’s Digital Wallet strips friction out of this process.

Sterling Employers see about 1 in 3 candidates are already verified with prior to beginning screening, shortening the process from only 90 seconds for new users to 30 seconds or less.

Sterling Employers who have added identity verification to their background check process see a 44% higher hit rate on federal and county criminal record searches7.

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Accessible Identity Verification for Remote Workers

Streamlining onboarding flows for all workers is important, but managing remote worker hiring can be especially challenging. Remote workers may not be able to come to your HR office to prove their identity in-person. Find out how offers online, call center, and in-person identity verification services that increase access for your candidates while providing them with a Digital Wallet they can use to access important government and employee benefits and services, all while keeping fraudulent candidates out of your company.

iPhone screen showing Digital Wallet for Jobs & Sterling Provide a Digital Wallet for Jobs

Providing employees with a digital wallet delivers substantial benefits. Employees can use’s Digital Wallet to access federal and state services and discounts using the same login and identity verification they used during onboarding. Verified employment status stored within’s Digital Wallet can expedite employee applications for mortgages, loans, and other important financial services.’s Digital Wallet can also help employees login to 401(k) plans, payroll sites, and prove their status to get employee discounts at brands.

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See how’s Digital Wallet Prevents Fraud and Theft


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