Streamline Access with Instant Credential Validation

Stop wasting time and money asking users to display credential documents in-person. From doctors needing to carry physical copies to hospitals credentialing documents in person to students who don’t have an option to prove their status with a retailer, manual workflows waste time and money for people and organizations alike. Connect straight to the source of truth to validate IDs in seconds, and use remote document review flows whenever data isn’t available with’s credential validation services.

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Spread Credential Validation Friction Across a Network

Spread Credential Validation Friction Across a Network

Friction is the enemy of virtually every one of your growth goals.’s network approach to credential validation removes that friction from your workflows.

Customers use their physical wallets to display ID cards to your business to prove identity and community affiliation. It doesn’t make sense for every single organization to require users to create a new password from stratch and to verify the legal identity, military service, medical license, or student status of each customer.’s Wallet restores balance to the internet and makes identity and credential authentication a team sport. Whenever an Wallet user verifies anywhere, they can rapidly release their verified credentials to get access everywhere is accepted. Consumer Identity & Access Management has arrived.

Frictionless Authentication through a Consumer Centric Approach’s Digital Wallet enables customers to store verified credentials and authorize the release of those credentials to partners in seconds. Rather than force medical providers or military service members to prove their status repeatedly at each site,’s Wallet empowers individuals to control their verified data across sites to reduce friction.

Join a network of hundreds of leading brands. Spread verification across the network rather than solely on your brand. Empower people to control their own information across the internet.

Frictionless Authentication through a Consumer Centric Approach
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