Creating an AI Bill of Rights for Automated Society

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) has the nontrivial task of advising the president on issues relating to science and technology, with the goal of ensuring that all Americans can take advantage of groundbreaking research and advances.

On Nov. 18, 2021, CEO Blake Hall was invited to join an OSTP panel focused on technology and automation. This panel is the first in a series of fact finding sessions that will help the OSTP toward their goal of creating an AI (Artificial Intelligence) Bill of Rights for our increasingly automated society.

Blake spoke on the importance of digital identity verification in expanding equity and access to government services. Ensuring maximum access to digital services for all Americans is critical to any AI Bill of Rights. With our combination of automated, video chat, and in-person options, is advancing our commitment to No Identity Left Behind.

Blake also touched on (starting at 27:54):

  • Reducing deep structural barriers, such as digital skills, access to broadband internet, etc. will take a team effort
  • Single sign-on is an important first step—people shouldn’t have to create a new login and verify their identity at each agency
  • Language is another critical dimension to equity and access and we should advocate for supporting as many languages as possible
  • Public officials all want to deliver equity and accessibility—we can educate them with facts and data, and point to a way forward
  • The federal government can and should invest to help state and local governments expand access and equity

The team looks forward to future opportunities to help the OSTP and other agencies make the most informed and best possible decisions for all Americans.

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