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Busting Myths About Background Checks and Identity Verification

Most organizations think their background screenings already verify identity, either through a Social Security number (SSN) locator, a Consent-Based Social Security Number Verification (CBSV) check, or the actual background check itself.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Those screening products help confirm some things, like:

  • Is the SSN valid?
  • Is the SSN tied to a death record?
  • Are there any previous names or addresses associated with the SSN?

But nothing within standard background screening, or the pre-employment process in general, verifies identity. This means the process does not actually confirm the biographic data a candidate provides even belongs to that person.

In the fireside chat below, Sterling Identity General Manager Taylor Liggett and Director of Compliance Chris Christian discuss this misconception in more detail — as well as what background checks actually verify, and the right way to verify identity in pre-employment (through their partnership with