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Costco Honoring Nurses, Medical Professionals, and First Responders with $20 Shop Card

Costco warehouse

Nurses, medical professionals, and first responders are critical to keeping Americans safe and functional. 

Costco is thanking these groups by offering a $20 Shop Card to any nurse, hospital employee, medical professional, healthcare worker, or first responder.

All you need to do to claim your Shop Card is quickly verify your status with through Costco’s shopping page when you sign up for a Costco membership. Once you get the email from Costco that shows your Membership Certificate, you can print it out and redeem the $20 gift card at any Costco location. (Note: this offer is only available for new Costco members). Shop Costco Page

Costco is known for its huge selection of groceries, electronics, and appliances, with all products available wholesale so you can buy in bulk for your family. This convenience can especially benefit those individuals who sacrifice so much to stand on the frontlines of the nation’s health, so Costco wanted to extend the $20 Shop Card to these groups to say thank you.