Secure Digital Identity

Our Promise: Preventing Fraud and Delivering Equitable Access to Online Government Services is an American-owned, veteran-founded company that helps individuals prove and share their identity online.

We work in partnership with government agencies to help Americans verify their identity so they can get access to benefits and services.

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We’re committed to a secure, equitable, and consumer-controlled model of identity verification through which individuals – not data brokers or credit bureaus – get to decide how their data is shared.

Secure Digital Identity

Online identity theft has made fraud an existential threat to America’s national and economic security.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, identity theft tied to government benefits increased by 2,920% from 2019 to 2020. The cost to individuals who suffered identity theft extends well beyond financial loss. Their personal and professional lives are often damaged.

  • Our digital identification process adheres to the guidelines established by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
  • Four states have already publicly credited with preventing a combined $210 billion in fraud
  • Online monitoring of the dark web shows that online criminals know to move on to new targets when our solutions are implemented

Providing Equitable Access was co-founded by an American veteran who was frustrated by how difficult and potentially risky it could be for members of the military to access their benefits.

Today, remains a leader in equity and access, helping to ensure government benefits reach legitimate users, including many of our most vulnerable populations. continuously works to help ensure equitable access. We build our identity verification products by combining best-in-class technology with human-in-the-loop relief valves. In fact, is the only major provider to offer three identity verification pathways.

Real-time data and government testing show no evidence of demographic unfairness from the use of our technology. is the only major provider to offer three identity verification pathways:

Online self-serve

Video chat with a human agent

In-person verification live video chat agents, also known as Trusted Referees, help people gain access to the benefits and services they need.

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Giving Users Control of Their Data believes in giving users control over their data, which is why since 2013 we’ve worked with NIST to advance a consumer-controlled model of identity verification.

We have built rigorous security and privacy requirements into our technology from inception. We are an ethical steward of users’ personal information and are committed to supporting their rights, including:

  • User control of their own data
  • A user consent-driven model for sharing of data
  • Disclosure of all authorized apps and data elements currently being shared
  • User authority to revoke access to their data for any authorized app at any time
  • User authority to destroy their credential and associated data at any time*

* Some data related to NIST 800-63-63 credentials will be retained after account deletion solely for fraud prevention and auditing purposes.

Giving Users Choice

Today, constituents have varying levels of comfort with technology, so a one-size-fits-all approach to identity verification simply doesn’t work. believes in giving users choice. We encourage agencies to offer a variety of options for verification, as long as they follow the strict security standards set forth by the government.

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