Helping Veterans Access Benefits Earned Through Service

For those who answer the call to serve, access to benefits should be simple. But until 2016, veterans had to navigate a maze of more than 500 websites to manage their benefits or access their service records.

Now in partnership with, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) website,, offers a single, cohesive portal that provides access to benefits while meeting the federal government’s most rigorous security standards.

Why the Veteran Community Relies on to Access Benefits

Veterans are eligible for several benefits. By using as a singular, secure portal, they can easily access them all. Watch three veterans share why using works for them.

Enabling secure access for veterans at with

Protecting veterans’ information and benefits meant the VA needed to secure its digital portal with robust identity proofing. Through its partnership with, the VA became the public-sector leader in digital identity security.

Access Rate Growth
Fraud Rate Drop

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