Men’s Grooming Brand Every Man Jack Partners with to Extend Discounts to Military Communities

Every Man Jack is a leader in the natural men’s grooming market. Recognized for outstanding quality, design, and a commitment to sustainable packaging, this “naturally derived, outdoor-inspired” brand appeals to men who enjoy healthy living, the outdoors, and adventure. Founded in 2007, the brand originally launched in Target stores and eventually achieved widespread distribution through multiple national brick and mortar retailers. In the last few years, the team has been hyper-focused on accelerating its thriving DTC business with the help of


When Every Man Jack expanded e-commerce efforts in 2019, they identified the military community as a consumer group that aligned with the company’s brand ethos. As Nick Hasselberg, Director of Growth Marketing, explains, “As we say in our brand name, Every Many Jack is for every guy – and that absolutely includes service members.” Military customers are also valuable sources of user generated content for the brand’s online and social campaigns.

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They have inspiring and valuable stories that we like to share with our broader community.

The question was, how could Every Man Jack reach this valuable audience?

Traditional Veteran’s Day promotions didn’t help Every Man Jack connect with the right audience

Despite the evident appeal, Every Man Jack didn’t have a strategy for identifying service members and veterans and confirming their military status. Brad Handel, Marketing Manager at Every Man Jack, explains the company’s dilemma: “When I started overseeing the affiliates and referrals part of the business, it was one of the first things on my mind… but there was no good way for us to really target military members. We did Veterans’ Day discounts, but that was for everybody—not targeted.”


“ has a significant amount of brand equity in so many loyalist. When in consumer sees a co-branded campaign, we know it gives us more credibility among this audience.”

Nick Hasselberg
Director of Growth Marketing

Every Man Jack connected with and learned about the company’s close connection with the military. “When I first got on the phone with, they were able to very quickly answer any questions that I had,” recalls Brad. “After a few conversations, I was pretty quickly sold that this was the way for us to reach that community.”

Exclusive discounts on the marketplace

The company particularly liked that could help them reach up to 24 million military and veterans with marketing services. In addition to offering discounts to military members, Every Man Jack also launched on the marketplace with discounts specifically for front line workers.

“ has a significant amount of brand equity and so many loyalists. When an consumer sees a co-branded campaign, we know it gives us more credibility among this audience,” explains Nick.

Rapid implementation on Every Man Jack’s website

Every Man Jack had just launched a new website and wanted to implement as quickly as possible. They were able to get up and running fast by directing online shoppers to to access discount codes as part of the check out process.

“I liked that it was a digestible upfront payment to launch the partnership, and then you just pay per code, which is really simple and easy to work into the budget,” Brad explains.

“It was so easy to launch the partnership with,” Brad notes. “Having that ease of integration, we went live quickly.” As a next step, Every Man Jack plans to embed identity and group verification within the Every Man Jack site to enhance stickiness.

Results as a core part of our acquisition strategy we have some pretty ambitious plans as we scale the program…”

Nick Hasselberg
Director of Growth Marketing has proven to be a solid contributor to Every Many Jack’s affiliate sales in terms of new users and conversions.

The program has seen a 25% conversion rate for verified affinity group customers, which is nearly 7x higher than the conversion rates Every Man Jack sees on their website, indicating that these offers are reaching the right audience and resonating with buyers. In just a few short months, the program has driven over $50k in sales, and after working with’s Customer Success team the program continues to become more efficient each day, with conversion rates increasing by 16% since launch.

“ is a core part of our acquisition strategy. We have some pretty ambitious plans as we scale the program,” Nick shares. “We anticipate that will make an even greater contribution to sales as we more actively promote it on paid social, better integrate it in our email and SMS programs, and feature it more prominently within organic.”

In terms of next steps, Nick says, “we’re integrating throughout the full funnel of our marketing activities.” Next priorities include website integration, more presence within paid ads, and triggered email and SMS programs. “There’s even more opportunity to benefit from’s halo.”

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