Simplifying Digital Identity: The Seamless Approach of the Login’s identity wallet is shaping a future where managing multiple passwords and logins will become obsolete. Once a user verifies their identity, our portable credentials make proving identity for organizations that accept as simple as signing in.  Our pre-verified1 network includes 60 million Americans who can sign in and confirm their identity in under 60 seconds. 

By combining the benefits of social login and reusable identity verification, effectively creates a digital fast lane to expedite access to services. 60 million Americans can use their wallet to easily log in and instantaneously prove identity to access services at 16 federal agencies and 40 state government agencies across 30 states.

For users who need to verify their identity for the first time, offers three distinct pathways to meet their diverse needs:

  • Self-Service: The quickest option for users to securely prove their digital identity online.  
  • Video Chat: For users who do not have a presence in authoritative records or cannot verify using Self-Service, our secure Video Chat option allows for remote identity proofing. This method closes about 75% of the digital divide created by credit bureaus and data brokers.
  • In-Person Verification: Available at 690 retail locations, this option caters to users with limited internet access or those who prefer help with the process. 

As more users verify their identity for the first time and join our pre-verified network, is creating a more inclusive, secure, and frictionless digital ecosystem. 

The digital fast lane is the predominant way users prove their identity 

More and more pre-verified users are using the digital fast lane to prove their identity by simply signing in and providing consent, enabling them streamlined access to benefits and services. Since Q1 2023, the pre-verified rate has grown 29%, reaching 55% of all subscriptions in Q1 2024. Of the 12.4 million new subscriptions issued in Q1 2024, 6.8 million were issued to pre-verified users.

Line chart showing pre-verified rates over time
Figure 1: In Q1 2023, the pre-verified rate was 42%, growing by 29% to reach 55% in Q1 2024. By 2025, it’s projected that pre-verified users will account for 80% of all identity verifications. 

The value of being in the pre-verified network is particularly impactful for those using the Video Chat pathway for first-time verification. The Video Chat pathway closes about 75% of the digital divide left by algorithm-only solutions powered by data brokers and credit bureaus, with the lowest-income demographics benefitting most. 

The pass rate2 when automated-only solutions are applied to users in the lowest income zip codes is only 32%. This is where the process ends when data brokers and credit bureaus are in charge of identity verification. Credit bureaus and data brokers struggle to verify users without a presence in authoritative records or an accurate credit history. This disproportionately impacts lower-income demographics, meaning legacy methods of verification tie access to affluence. With our Video Chat pathway, the overall pass rate for these users increases by 153%, reaching 81%. 

Bar chart displaying overall pass rate for first-time verification as median household income decreases
Figure 2: Alternative identity verification pathways like Video Chat close about 75% of the digital divide created by data brokers and credit bureaus.

Our data shows that verified users behave similarly once they are a part of our pre-verified network, regardless of how they verified. Users who verify via Video Chat have the same high 99%+ pass rate when using their portable credential as users who verify via Self-Service. The ability to re-use their portable credentials dramatically reduces friction across their digital lives when accessing sites that accept However, many agencies use a unique account for login and rely on credit bureaus or data brokers for verification. Without our combination of Video Chat verification and credential portability, underserved users would encounter repeated high friction and require numerous usernames and passwords.

Users verifying for the first time experience exceptional service aims to provide a fast and secure verification process for users verifying their identity for the first time. In the first quarter of 2024, 5.7 million users were issued an IAL2 credential, with 90.9% experiencing a wait time of less than five minutes. If users prefer not to wait to connect with a Video Chat agent, they can schedule an in-person appointment for a convenient time instead. In Q1 2024, 49,826 users took advantage of this option.

Figure 3: 90.9% of users who added a NIST IAL2 credential in Q1 2024 experienced a wait time of less than 5 minutes. is committed to creating inclusive pathways for all Americans to verify their identities and reap the benefits of a portable, reusable digital identity. We can’t wait for a future where managing passwords and logins is a relic of the past and users’ experiences are quick and seamless. will continue to work towards a future where No Identity is Left Behind.

  1. Includes individuals who are verified at the Department of Commerce’s National Institute of of Standards and Technology (NIST) Identity Assurance Level 2 (IAL2) and Levels of Assurance 3 (LOA3.)
  2. Pass Rate refers to the True Pass Rate, which is defined as the percentage of legitimate users who attempted to verify their identity without abandoning the process after excluding fraudulent users.  ↩︎