Article improves customer experience for access to digital services for 9.53 million IAL2 verified users in Q1 2023

 Service improvements ensure 7.1M people obtain initial IAL2 identity verification in record time’s commitment to improve access to benefits and services through IAL2 identity verification resulted in significant operational improvements and product enhancements that dramatically improved wait times.

In Q1 2023, 9,536,460 unique users performed 35,993,456 successful login events, an average of 3.8 login events per IAL2 verified user, to gain secure and rapid access to valuable digital services. 

We invested in making the verification process faster and more streamlined, and our Q1 2023 data shows these investments are paying off. Of the 7.1 million IAL2 verifications we’ve issued this year, 88% of customers experienced No Wait Time.

No wait time for pre-verified and self-service members

This year, issued 6.3 million IAL2 credentials to members with zero wait time. That’s amazing on its own, but breaking that number down paints an even clearer picture of how our improvements are bearing fruit:

Our pre-verified network32% of Q1 IAL2 verifications were pre-verified, meaning customers only had to log in to their account, and complete MFA to access a new business partner. 
Verifying with self-service56% of Q1 IAL2 verifications were verified using our self-service pathway.

Delivering low wait times

So what about the 12% that required additional help verifying? Among customers that completed their verification in one attempt*—without saving and exiting or making an appointment—6.7% (56% of those who needed additional help) waited less than 5 minutes. And only .2% waited more than 30 minutes.

*Note: Wait times for users who saved documents and exited the verification process and those who made an appointment to verify later, 3.6% of users in Q1, captured in phase wait. 

The bottom line

At, our customers can verify their identity at the IAL2 level in less time than it would take to brew a pot of coffee. Our recent operational improvements and product enhancements have made it possible for almost 95% of new IAL2 credentials issued in less than 5 minutes of wait time—a customer experience only available at