Article Employee Spotlight Series: Gray Perrone, Sr. Data Analyst Employee Spotlight: Gray Perrone is Senior Data Analyst on the Operations team

From creating her own “data analytics” major at Duke University to preparing a groundbreaking access equity analysis, Gray Perrone brings a passion for data science to her career at 

In this installment of our Employee Spotlight Series, you’ll learn more about Gray’s journey as a Senior Data Analyst at Gray’s story is just one of many we are highlighting to recognize our talented team members who help build and maintain our market-leading secure digital identity network.

At, our mission is to make the world a more trusted place by delivering the highest level of security with the least amount of friction at the lowest possible cost. To accomplish this mission, we are hiring great people who want to make great products. Learn more about our results-driven culture and top-of-market compensation and benefits.

Tell us a little about yourself and how you came into your current role at

From a very young age, I was obsessed with figuring out how the world works. In school, I took every science and math class I could, puzzling over how atoms could come together to create what we see every day. Since I faint at the sight of blood, and wasn’t sure research was for me, my science track ended in “computer” science where I discovered my love of data. I can get lost in datasets, trying to deeply understand a process, system or occurrence and to unlock new insights and information. With this passion, I tried to create my own “Data Analytics” major at Duke University, piecing together Computer Science, Statistics and Economics. I am jealous of the awesome Data Analytics programs today that didn’t exist then. After school, I went into economic consulting at Cornerstone Research and received a rigorous bootcamp in analytics and critical thinking. At Cornerstone, I primarily worked on identifying, analyzing and quantifying market manipulation and resulting market damages. After two and half years, a recruiter reached out about I was really excited to work on a product I believed was making the world a better place.

What is the best career advice you’ve received? 

After completing an important analysis about equity of our platform, I was asked to present at the Friday All-Staff meeting… no pressure. Before the meeting, I was able to practice in front of a group which included our Founder and CEO, Blake Hall. I was so nervous I recited the words of my script with no hand gestures, no jokes, no smiles in a monotone. Let’s just say my high school acting coach would have been mortified. After this presentation, Blake says nicely “that was good but it wasn’t you. Where’s your energy and your personality? Just be yourself, you will do great.” Even though it was months ago, that message has stayed with me. When I am on the fence of whether to put myself out there or to keep it bottled up, I push forward with my full quirky, spunky, funny self. My vulnerability and personal flair have helped people connect with me and my message in my presentations.

What are the things you like about working at

First and foremost, the people. I have absolutely loved working closely and getting to know my fellow who are deeply invested in making our mission a reality, who are exceptionally smart, and who genuinely care about people. They will support you and boost you up but will also challenge and push you to be the best version of yourself. It is a special place and I feel lucky. 

  • Our mission. Instead of describing how much I believe in our mission, I will highlight the moments I have felt it the most:
    • When I visited one of our state partners, I saw firsthand how deeply dedicated their unemployment insurance team was to delivering critical benefits to their constituents and how much they view as part of their team in making that a reality. 
    • When we first pulled the data that shows our video chat pathway closes about 75% of the digital divide created by credit bureaus and data brokers. We have verified 9M individuals through this pathway who might have otherwise not been able to verify their identity, access needed benefits, carry out key functions of their jobs and many other important online activities. 
    • When I learned how much money fraudsters were stealing in financial aid from an educational institution, I was confident that our integration was stopping theft and rerouting the aid to students in need. 
    • When my friend, who currently serves as a doctor in the military, excitedly describes all the discounts and benefits he now has access to with his verified military credentials.  
  • Growth opportunities and challenges. As our SVP of Engineering, Alexei Czeskis says, we promise that you will never be bored at At, there is always an exciting new project, opportunity and challenge that accelerates your growth and development. It is a culture of trust and autonomy where you are given the freedom to creatively brainstorm and tackle problems. 

We’re thankful for Gray’s insights, dedication, and the unique perspective she brings to the data analytics team. At, we’re proud to have professionals like Gray on board, driving our mission to create a more trusted digital world. Stay tuned for the next feature in the Employee Spotlight Series, where we’ll spotlight another key member of our team. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of working at or applying for open roles, visit Careers.