Article Employee Spotlight Series: Eric Lassiter, QA Engineering Employee Spotlight: Eric Lassiter leads's QA Engineering team

Eric Lassiter began his career at in Member Services, where he witnessed firsthand the challenges Veterans faced in accessing their benefits. Today, after being recognized with multiple promotions over the course of his tenure, Eric leads the Quality Assurance Engineering team, striving to improve the user experience for all. 

In this installment of our Employee Spotlight Series, you’ll learn more about Eric’s journey at Eric’s story is one of many we are highlighting to recognize our talented team members who help build and maintain our market-leading secure digital identity network.

At, our mission is to make the world a more trusted place by delivering the highest level of security with the least amount of friction at the lowest possible cost. To accomplish this mission, we are hiring great people who want to make great products. Learn more about our results-driven culture and top-of-market compensation and benefits. 

What are the things you like about working at

There’s a lot I like about working at Working here now for almost eight years, I genuinely enjoy being around the people I work with. I admire the company’s mission – it’s all about helping people. For example, there’s no subtext with trying to make things more accessible to people who need certain benefits, we’re just ensuring “no identity is left behind”. It also feels good to work for a company whose leadership team asks for feedback from employees and listens. I can’t wait to see how far this company can go.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Everyone who works closely with me knows I love going fishing for amberjack in the Gulf of Mexico. I also love just playing video games or just being with my dog Karma, a 120 pound Cane Corso, who is great with my nieces and nephews.

What is the best career advice you have ever received?

A supervisor a while back once told me “Don’t stop moving” which I understood as don’t get complacent and if you don’t keep learning new things, you can easily make yourself obsolete. I incorporate this everyday when looking for new ways to solve old problems and for staying aligned with new focus areas at For example, as we’re growing, a key focus area is accessibility which my team and I are becoming more familiar with.

Which is your favorite value and why?

Act like an owner. This value shows me that we aren’t just along for the ride but we can actually influence our growth. I have been happy to see that I have been able to influence change within our product whether it be just a simple suggestion to edit a change that’s going out or pushing for us building a new feature. I’ve been able to see a few of my own ideas of how to enhance our product come alive.

What does your team do at

My team is responsible for ensuring the quality of our software products which means we have to ensure that our new features are not only working but viable. We provide insight on what is currently working, historical reference on why some things exist as well as ensuring all new features do not break our current product. We employ different methods to ensure this via manual and automated testing.

What impact does your work have for members?

When I first joined, I was a Member Services Representative and I heard directly from people how difficult it was in the past to apply for benefits and services such as for VA benefits, and how much a difference the digital verification made to improving their quality of life since they would have no more long drives to an office or long waits in one. It was important to me at that time for myself and my team members to be able to answer users’ questions so I spent extra time working on special projects which led me to QA. I was able to extrapolate my experience supporting members to understanding the products from a QA standpoint. 

My work now in QA Engineering ensures that all of our users are able to swiftly move through the identity verification process as well as ensures that we are preventing bad actors from getting through our systems. My goal through QA testing is to provide my partners in Engineering with alternative solutions for our verification workflows and advocate for the best possible user experience and ease of use especially since our user base is unique. People vary in their proficiency with technology so we test and make sure the flow itself and messaging are as helpful as possible for all users.


We’re thankful for Eric’s insights, dedication, and the unique perspective he brings to the QA Engineering team. At, we’re proud to have team members like Eric on board, driving our mission to create a more trusted digital world.

Stay tuned for the next feature in the Employee Spotlight Series, where we’ll spotlight another key member of our team. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of working at or applying for open roles, visit Careers.