Article and Sterling Deliver First Omnichannel Solution for IAL2, the secure digital identity network, and Sterling, a leading provider of identity and background services, announced in a Press Release on Monday that their in-person identity verification solution has been recognized by the Kantara Initiative for meeting federal digital identity guidelines set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Kantara Initiative, Inc is a nonprofit focused on improving the trustworthy use of identity and personal data. was the first solution to earn Kantara’s Trustmark for Identity Assurance Level 2 (IAL2) in 2018, and has now achieved another milestone by being the first verification solution to have three verification methods independently assessed at IAL2: online self-service, video chat, and in-person. 

This achievement adds to’s online verification methods assessed at IAL2, and improves customer experience, equity, and security. Federal, state, and local US governments can now deliver omnichannel, NIST-compliant access to identity verification using’s innovative digital identity platform and Sterling’s network of retail-based kiosks. 

Currently used by five government agencies, in-person verification allows individuals — even those without a mobile device or dedicated internet access — to verify their identity at a physical location with the help of a trained agent. Agencies can tailor the customer experience by deploying kiosks within their service centers or leveraging the Sterling Identity Network of safe, convenient, professional identity verification facilities in all 50 states and Washington DC. and Sterling first deployed in-person verification with the New Jersey Department of Labor in November of 2021 and Robert Asaro-Angelo, Commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development, said at that time: 

“We have been focused on delivering equity and accessibility for all New Jersey residents since day one, and this is another tool that allows us to continue with that mission. Enhancing our ability to verify individuals through with the addition of in-person channels enables us to more effectively reach those who, for whatever reason, had trouble doing so online without compromising trust and security.”

Sterling and have been fine-tuning their in-person verification service to ensure it meets NIST guidelines and also integrates seamlessly with’s online and video chat verification capabilities. 

When users select the new in-person pathway to get verified at IAL2, they will follow a simple, four-step process to verify their identity:

  1. Create an account to schedule their appointment
  2. Visit a participating kiosk with the required documentation and check in
  3. Take a photo of themselves and 2-3 documents to confirm their identity
  4. Display required documents to the representative at the kiosk location

Once the information and documentation required is certified by, users will receive a notice of their successful verification. Users can then use their credential to gain secure access anywhere within’s network of 12 federal agencies, 36 state agencies, and over 500 companies. 

What our CEOs have to say: 

Blake Hall, founder & CEO of
“Earning Kantara’s TrustMark for in-person verification shows’s commitment to consumer choice and equitable access. Users that don’t have access to technology or prefer to engage outside of purely digital channels can do so in a way that meets the government’s high bar for security and assurance. Every day, we move closer to realizing our goal of ‘No Identity Left Behind’ in partnership with Sterling. Being the first independently accredited, omni-channel solution helps us raise the bar on equitable access.”
Josh Peirez, CEO of Sterling:
“In-person verification is critical for achieving equitable access for all who need their identity verified. Whether individuals are seeking access to government services or applying for a new job, Sterling and are together providing their best path forward. Partnering with to achieve IAL2 certification is an accomplishment we are very proud of and affirms Sterling’s deep commitment and strong belief in our identity solutions.”

As part of the exclusive partnership between Sterling and, their teams are continuing to collaborate on innovative ways to strengthen and increase the efficiency of identity verification.

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