Customer Identity Verification Starts with Customer Control of Data

We believe in a new era of identity – where individuals control their information in a secure digital wallet. Where they access services and benefits seamlessly, from anywhere. Where digital identity is inclusive and equitable.

Join us in putting people in charge of their data, taking friction out of their lives, and streamlining organizational workflows.

Portable Logins Aren’t Trusted.
Trusted Logins Aren’t Portable.

Consumer identity verification is broken. Drivers for gig economy apps need to create a login and verify who they are to each application. Applicants opening up bank accounts need to verify who they are to each bank. All of us are forced to create and manage passwords. exists to solve this problem. Putting the individual in charge of their own login, their own data, and their own ID cards allows the login and the data to move with the user. This consumer centric approach strips friction out of authentication workflows – enabling everyone to save time and money.

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Identity Layer of the Internet Wallet:
Provides a secure login that can store multiple ID cards including Legal ID, Employee ID, Veteran ID, & more. Network:
Enables individuals to use their Wallet and ID cards at various organizations in exchange for access to goods and services. Identity Gateway:
Creates a single point of integration for organizations to unify customer authentication and authorization across multiple logins and identity credentials. Orchestration Platform:
Delivers pre-configured authentication policies leveraging best of breed component providers so our partners can easily harmonize security and access.
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Eliminate Duplicative Workflows

Many organizations try to verify consumers only for their own purposes. Yet, that’s not how identity authentication works in the physical world. People visit the DMV once, and then they get a portable credential they can choose to display at multiple locations to strip out friction.’s Wallet streamlines identity verification and authentication by enabling an individual to verify once anywhere in order to get frictionless access everywhere.

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Strip Friction Out of Onboarding

Organizations incur significant costs when online identity verification fails. Every user who doesn’t convert online will potentially move to another organization, call your help desk, or show up in-person to verify their identity. Learn more about the Total Cost of Ownership to compare your current approach to’s consumer centric network.

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Learn how helps organizations serve their customers through better experiences and secure identities.